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Responses of our clients

  Responses  Clients Webautosalon.com

 The respected visitors of our site, in this section you can will familiarise with responses of people which have got the car by means of our company. All responses the presents, spelling and style of the author are kept according to the original and not edited! For avoiding of spam an e-mail and bodies. We do not publish authors of responses, but their data is at us and we willingly will share with you their contacts if you want to communicate and receive with them the additional information!


Alexander Nikandrov, Russia

Responses of clients www.webautosalon.com Dear colleagues. It is very strange that at a forum practically there are no responses about suppliers of a car from – for a boundary. In March of this year I have conceived to drive a car. Has studied many variants. Germany, Poland, Baltic etc. Planned to buy LX-470. Eventually, variants with Europe has excluded. If the car is issued in the USA it cannot be cheaper and it is thus better, than in America. Has absolutely casually come across a site webautosalon.com. It is the Company site “MUSTANG 777 INC”. That they have offered, me, has arranged most of all. I will not hide, there were enormous doubts. After all could «кинуть». At forums if there were responses on the given firm, sceptical. Has requested of them (communicated there with Joseph) documents: the certificate on registration, the licence, etc. Eventually, has dared. Have touched many variants. Joseph sent me a photo and CARFAX on various cars. The choice has stopped on Sikvoje of 2010 Has paid at first the deposit. Then, when they have bought at car auction, has paid the remained sum. On April, 21st a car delivered in port. On April, 28th the container has been sent, and on May, 25th it already was in Novorossisk. Children there have worked in a fantastic way. Separately, many thanks to Joseph. He constantly kept me informed that will not tell about work of port and those children who solve questions in Novorossisk. The container unloading was carried out more by than weeks.
the car and work of children in the USA remained it is very happy. So that a sceptical phrase «Мы Russian each other not обманываем» it not about them. If to whom the good car is necessary, address in this firm. A pig in a poke will not palm off. On CARFAX all history of the car is registered. From the moment of its release, run when there was a statement on the account, if there were failures too all is fixed. I hope that also will be happy.




Ravil Zhalalov, Almaty 

Responses of clients www.webautosalon.com In search of the reliable company for delivery of the car from the USA was since December 2010. Planned to buy two cars easier – one for sale, another to itself. With a view of a diversification of risks bought through different firms, Mitsubisi Montero of 2002 of century through local Almaty firm, and Subaru Legasi of 2005 of century through a site webautosalon.com.
As a whole quality of the car of Subaru Legasi bought through a site webautosalon.com has satisfied me. After total investments at a rate of 600$ (replacement расходников, statement on the account and so forth) Has received in using the fresh machine, at total cost on 20 % below the market. Not the fountain certainly, but suits me. I will in addition tell that on an overhead charge Mitsubisi Montero delivery has managed to me more expensively and longer on time, plus to that the car has a little beaten in the container that has added to me of expenses on its reduction in a normal state.
positive sides of work with webautosalon.com I want to note active work with the client from the moment of reception by the company of the demand for search necessary to you a car, operative enough terms of shipment and a minimum level of an overhead charge.
regarding a negative it is necessary to allocate separately insufficient informing of the client on a course and a stage of long process of registration of the documentation for the got car. In view of what at the moment of official registration of papers on the car the client already carries out full payment of cost including a cost of transportation to a delivery place, I personally very strongly was nervous and did not give Maria's rest (the worker webautosalon.com) keeping ringing to it on Skype almost every day.
in the rest I can recommend webautosalon.com as the decent, reliable company at which words do not disperse from business.
I apply a photo of the car bought through webautosalon.com.



Panin Katerina, Astana 


Otzovy of clients www.webautosalon.com this year with the husband have conceived to update the car. Have decided to drive from the USA without intermediaries from an economy reason. Very long chose the company and at last after fortnight negotiations have dared to send the deposit in a web motor show. The car to us at auction have found quickly, Vlad-owner of the company will phone with аукцона, has very accurately described a car, time нара the reflexion was a little, but the car approached us also we have agreed on откопку. Vlad has bought our car on 300 more cheaply, than we counted, it was the pleasant moment. But were also unpleasant the moment. After car purchase it was found out that at auction is not present tajtla - that the passport on our Nissan, waited as then a goat an elk of these documents the whole eternity – 2 weeks. 2 weeks all these called every day in office to our manager, and the answer was one that it is necessary to wait, while documents are not present. Vladimir has explained to us that such happens, because the seller of the car has at the wrong time given this most тайтл. But then all has gone like clockwork. Cars have loaded at once as have taken away documents from auction and in a month with a tail the car already went to us on our railway. We when opened the container worried, were afraid of unpleasant surprises, but fortunately they have not appeared. Our Nissan has arrived to integrities and safeties as to us sent on a photo, has completely coincided with the description. Our family expresses gratitude to the Web motor show and their command for completely defensible expectations and for excellent a car on which we now go for a drive. I put a photo to the письму. 
Yours faithfully Ekaterina


Vitaly, Chelyabinsk


Otzovy of clients www.webautosalon.com My name is Vitaly , I from Chljabinska, Russia . Last two years dreamt about GL diesel, after прокатили me me the Moscow friends. Подкопил money also has started to search. AT FIRST HAS walked ON OFFICIAL SALONS.... EXPENSIVELY, THEN under announcements..... Expensively. Also has decided to risk..... To bring the car independently. Has started to search in инетефирмы which for all it offer. Has carried out the analysis and has understood that one firm in Russia approximately 200 тыщ наворачивает from a similar car.
and so. I hammer into Google "in a car from auctions америки"....... Offers we will tell so much, much. Jump out sites after that this site we punch further in the same Google "........ (Site) responses"........ And it is a lot of shit if it is fair. Has then found this site webautosalon.com...... To punch its beginnings....... Long punched. . And Google and in яндексе... Everywhere... One advertising...... It was strange that negative responses has not found as well as positive, on a site that at them is, but ыверить to it did not become..... Has spent two weeks, various combinations, has found two responses, at forums from the different people, one simply positive, the second with contacts, Sergey from Krasnodar, Prius....
To the same time has written the demand for this site, to me have called back at once, girl Maria, a voice very pleasant, already seemed that the car already about an entrance costs))) It has appeared землячка, from Chelyabinsk.... From its words, to steam of questions... And it is exact from Chelyabinsk, still to steam of questions... And truth sits in нью йорке. To begin with well. With Seregoj communicated much, the good guy, has helped me, it supported me, badly responded about Masha, but as a result I have understood that it is a common story, not all people approach each other.... I very much was nervous, and spoilt nerves and Marias and Vlad (for what I apologise). I analyzed, why. .... No, not because of the sent money, and because of expectation, 2-3 months, it long. Simply I had a difficult case.... A car from Canada..... There would be it from the USA all would be a move. Separate thanks Vlad, for its patience and professionalism, I became hysterical and it extinguished me)))) the GOOD FELLOW. To Masha for responsiveness. And all has come to an end is banal well, I have arrived to Kotka, there all speak Russian, has taken away the car and for 4 days has passed 3000 km. Good fellows they..... The WEB MOTOR SHOW. THANKS!!! On all questions mine аська 302698447



Responses of clients www.webautosalon.com By day to a birth of the spouse, has decided to present the new car. Long chose on the Internet and has stopped on Tojte Venze. Has rung round a little American firms, in one of which to me have offered the interesting scheme of customs through Belarus, it has interested me, тк the small economy turned out not. The company wеbautosalon offered a car under ключь and incurred all obligations on delivery and customs. All sounded really, the price adequate and in Belarus they had representatives and brokers. The car to me was searched by 3 weeks, delivery has occupied one and a half month. I have arrived to Minsk on Tuesday 2 days prior to car arrival, brokers to me have prepared documents and already on Friday evening I have left н to the car back. The spouse remained the machine as from a picture 2009, and condition as new is happy with such gift. All the друзьм who doubted my invention тепреь рекоменую to order cars from America at webautosalona. Thanks, have not brought!!!






Chistik Vasily, Belorus


Responses of clients www.webautosalon.com

I Want to express words of huge gratitude to site collective WWW.WEBAUTOSALON.COM for high professionalism, competence, possession both technical, and legal issues in selection, purchase and the further delivery to Belarus my car. Besides pleasure from the bought car I have taken pleasure also in cooperation with you. Especially it would be desirable to note the manager Maria, for its restraint, ability to carry on dialogue as it seems to me, with any client. From myself I want to wish your collective of prosperity.













Responses of clients www.webautosalon.com





Sergey Umrihin, Ukraine-Russia


Vobshchem wanted to me тойоту приус. I серфить have begun an Internet on sites of a car of the markets. Has come to a conclusion that  в the core all cars are recently driven from - for borders and are on sale secondhand dealers, and it means a car shadowy past since anybody to you to itself will not work at a loss. The wheelbarrow can be brought to the first from Baltic where at it numbers were changed, in the second at it mad run that on the American cars not a rarity etc. "can be braided What for to whom that to pay, if I can to drive itself also a wheelbarrow from America ", I have thought. After that beginnings шерстить sites of the American sellers.
  Why I have wanted the American, instead of the European? The matter is that they are cheaper than Europeans is time, and they are not made in америке, and go for export directly from японии is 2. Has found some sites on car sale. Has filled forms. To me have called back, have started to communicate.  Рассчитывал I then approximately for the sum to 500 thousand Have communicated with prodovtsami-have come to a conclusion that for such price to get necessary to me a car very much even really. The seller in америке the same secondhand dealer, simply we reduce quantity of hands through which there has passed the car. Besides - a transparency. In the American car run  и etc. There for it very strict punishments will not be braided.
And so on sellers: them in an Internet the car and the small cart. I have chosen three and have begun dialogue to choose the leader. Whom I have chosen readers probably already have understood. If it is fair on finish of a choice a leading role  для me the call of the director of site WebAutoSalon of Vladimir has played. We very long communicated on a car theme then as that smoothly have passed to a policy and life as a whole. It has appeared my fellow countryman from Ukraine. Came up with very interesting ideas,  вобщем I have like trust to this person. And the trust is the basic factor on which the firm which gets out will buy to you the car because the main criterion of a choice is a conviction in that that you is not thrown. Still I was bribed by those that employees of firm WebAutoSalon was promised that each car will be bought only after my permission and only after careful survey by employees of firm. As there was further not all represents the facts, because sometimes employees of firm simply do not have time to examine the car and they it see already directly at auction when round it the auctions inflame. It certainly in my opinion a minus. But in comparison with other firms all the same WebAutoSalon wins, because their competitors from whom I chose, in general bought cars on an Internet across all America and cars estimated not alive and on parametres of photos and the auction conclusions, and it and is the main ambush because it is possible to come across stuff very simply.
Vobshchem have promised to me about 3 boxes, I have lighted up and have decided to work with WebAutoSalon. Initially I communicated with the manager (or the manager) Maria. At first as it seemed to me improbably professional and the ranking officer. At first dialogue   with it the pleasure gave and installed confidence that your money will not leave in anywhere. But further the horror has begun what that.  Выслал I money (1000долларов) the deposit. The car to me was searched by 3 weeks. Parametres have been put - full forcemeat, white colour.  Первые my fears have begun after that when Vova (the owner of firm) has told to me that he to me will buy the car without my consent if she counts that COOL. It has appeared that their promise completely personally to examine тачилу not quite сбыточное since cars happens much, and sometimes competitors specially exhaust wheelbarrows in what нибуть a dark corner that other buyers could not estimate them and поюзать. Me if it is fair has not so pleased, since I that thought that the employee of firm will sweep in the beginning by the car, then will throw off to me a photo that I have estimated the future acquisition. And in a reality it appeared that to you call and present with a fait accompli:" All the brother, ordered priusa - please "Certainly it was promised to me that purchase will coincide on all me to the ordered parametres, but me who are at the other end of the world from this far America, all it forced to be nervous!
So has passed 3 weeks, I call to Vladimir, and he congratulates me on acquisition. Certainly I was happy, because 3 weeks (and promised максиму 2) for me seemed infinity.  И here I the owner of the dream. The dream was silvery colour and it is unique parametre on which it not absolutely coincided with my order, but against silvery I on had nothing against, the main thing for me was that that we with Volodej have kept within 10000 dollars and have bought the device with a full complete set!!!!
I have sent the remained sum of money of America and have started to wait for sending of my dream to Novorossisk. And here a swing has begun. In the first the firm already took away 3 weeks documents on the car from auction. And it whereas Maria (my manager if who has forgotten) утврерждала that in a week приус will be already in port!!!! Represent my indignation!?  Кроме it,  было such that Maria did not answer letters and calls on Skajpu, i.e. happened that 2 days I could not phone to it, made the promise to send a copy of documents and the promises did not carry out. All at me passed through hassle, evil thoughts etc. the Situation more was less resolved, when I have called the owner of firm - to Vladimir and have told tales about its employee.  После this Volodja was closed by all process on itself and (thank God) I did not communicate with Maria any more, keeping the nervous cages.
I Will pass to a theme of delivery of the car. If you are going to take away it in Novorossisk ask that it to you did not send company ZIM (as to me) if there is such possibility for this firm though and is cheaper the than the others for 100 dollars, but unloads the container in the central port Novorossa where it is impossible to open the container and вытаривать from there car. You should pay superfluous 10-15 thousand for that that the container transit have transported in the customs terminal where вытарку it is authorised to make. All this process is carried out only through customs customs applicants. In Novorosse the basic customs applicant, which phone to me tried впарить all who not попадя, she is INNA. BUT! I do not advise you it to employ, for at Inna the greatest prices for services. I by means of friends have found customs customs applicant Petja, at which cheapest prices on New dew and the most good communications in customs. And it not advertising, and a signal for those who will clear of the car in Novorossisk. I called also to Inna, I called also to other agents, and by marketing research (poll)))) have drawn a conclusion that at Petja services more cheaply on 4-5 thousand. Besides, in my situation when the ship with the container has come and there was a question on transit (transportation) of the container in the customs terminal for vytarki-firm accepting cargo as that суетнула the rights to transit of the container to the same Inna who with a clear conscience has employed most дорогущую firm rendering services in transit (transportation). Petja then was spat and spoke that if have employed the same Russian container the sum would leave on 3-4 thousand more cheaply!!!
 А  как to me tried to put this Inna for rendering to me of services on  разтаможеке!!! The blessing I have not given in and have made all through Petja.
Process разтаможки was that-has come the container, to me have called, have notified. I call to Petja, and I send originals of documents. He prepares for me all these  сертификаты euro 4 etc. (Those documents which will be necessary for разтаможки) we Agree about a bottom вытарки and I come in New dews. Petja meets me and begin бешенные races on a city since there was a Friday, in customs day reduced and it is necessary to be in time for a day разтаможить "посылочку".  Почему races? Because in the first the customs, the terminal, cash desk are in different parts of a city, and in the second Petja so DRIVES THAT IT SEEMS to me MORE ON GASOLINE of MONEY HAS spent, THAN ON me HAS earned. At once I will make a reservation that payment for terminal processing and services of the customs applicant to you to bypass not to turn out in any way.  Как I did not try, whom did not strain + the Result there were 32 thousand roubles which included: terminal processing (that your container have removed that from the ship and have put in port by means of the crane), services for transit, services for documents (customs declarations, the certificate of euro 4 etc.) And interest of the customs applicant (1,5-2 thousand, want trust want is not present). Itself разтоможка left 105 thousand.
a purchase Result: предомной has appeared magnificent a car! Children, I at all am not sorry about that that so long waited this treasure. I will not stop on pluses, whether all probably интиресно to learn there were minuses in the bought car. Well short of small scratches on a body and small stains in salon they practically are not present.  Езжу the third month. All works, all is serviceable, knocks does not rattle nothing, does not break!!! That else to wish.?! I do not know what there a keen eye at this Vova who chose to me a wheelbarrow, but it has got to the apple. The machine has bought that is necessary, as I and wanted. That has still pleased - cleanliness in a cowl, the changed oil etc. I do not know, whether have made it at auction or the careful previous owner, but it was pleasant.
Here such history. Has stated its fairly unvarnished, and I hope that it will serve for the aid to those who to dare to repeat my way. If who that has questions - write in аську 319098570. I will answer ALL.
Yours faithfully Sergey.






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